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Martin Armand is an artist that many aspire to; his humble attitude makes it very easy to talk to him yet you canít help but to feel privileged to sit next to him once you see his work. His genuine smile and sincerity are welcoming of conversation. This professional makeup/hair artist for Film, TV, and Print is sought after by many major players including the film and commercial industries due to his exquisite abilities and attention to detail. Presently based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful cities on earth, he got his start as a hairdresser at an early age. His combined education of hairdressing and fine art studies have allowed him to create new mediums of displaying art; with the addition of advanced makeup he has been able to create the perfect triangle of artistic services. He has been actively involved in all sectors of the beauty industry and quickly rising in terms of demand. One of the many intriguing attributes of Armand is his ability to adapt to new fashions and requirements as we all know how quickly the beauty industry can change.

Armand has made a name for himself using his outstanding artistic talents along with cutting edge technology to illustrate grand designs on the human body by applying makeup with an airbrush. However, his recent demand has been for professional makeup mostly for the commercial production industry.

While performing as a hairdresser and makeup artist, he has completed many courses in beauty and makeup, at schools throughout Asia, Europe, Canada and the US, constantly keeping his work up to date with the current fashions and trends.

Constantly in demand as an instructor, Armand has also taught his art as an airbrush and makeup artist to students throughout Canada and the United States and now international markets are appreciating his work and requesting his talents.

Throughout his career he has appeared in many Publications, TV Interviews and seminars.

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